Pegaso's Captain Hussar 75mm


I was going to paint the 5th regiment... Well...that didn't turned well, I was officially quicked in the butt by the light blue of the uniform, so I turned to 4th regiment one (art box's one). So the horse saddle also had to be painted in another color, the more common red!
The leopard skin totally tested my patience... it's bory as hell to do all those spots.
Right now, the only major thing to do in the horse are the straps (and ground work), and maybe a touch here and there, but generally it's done.



Black Watch (42nd Royal Highlanders) Standard Bearer 1815 75mm Pegaso Models


This is the one figure I've been working around for sometime.
There's still a lot to do, but I leave here a teaser of the work so


Officer of the Guide 1798 Egypt 75mm Pegaso Models

Hi all!!

I took a break on my Captain Hussar and decide to finish this one.
I think in my previous post about this figure stated all about the figure, but I
must say again that is really fun to paint, and the gold ornaments are a nice challenge.
Just one note to say that the painting looks more brilliant than it really is,
because I had the light source to close to the figure...
Hope you like it.



Pegaso Captain Hussar 75mm


I've been waiting for painting this kit a long time and now I got it!
If you hear someone saying that it's a difficult one to paint, believe it,
because it is... The great sculpt brings more things to paint and details
to be managed... but I recommend it strongly, it's great great fun!!!!

So, this is the second horse that I paint. After I painted a brown one in the
past I thought that maybe this time I would raise the stake and try something
that I hear people saying that is more difficult. I'm going for a Dapple Grey horse.
Well, it's a hard job indeed... I don't have an airbrush and I don't use oils... I quickly
found out that this would be major task for me... So after almost a couple of weeks
trying this and that I ended up with the result you will see next.
Right now I'm yet to find a nice color to the crest and tail, which I don't know which,
maybe I go with a soft beige, and the lower part of the legs need a little more work, maybe highlights,
and of course the hoofs. Then I will go to the straps, saddle, etc...

I've also painted the face of the Hussar.

After so many words the pics:



American Independence War Minuteman 1775 75mm (Completed)

Here it is the complete work on this beautiful figure!!
I loved working on it... probably one of the figures that I most
liked to work on... and I'm very proud of the final result, specially
because I've gone to a color scheme a little unusual for what we are used
to see in this subject and, of course, the terrain, that despite started being
close to the art box grew to something else.
The Base is homemade, with the name plate that comes with the figure, which is very very
nice!! If more figures had this it would be great!!!
All in acrylics as usual, Andrea and Vallejo.
I think I have said more than enough, so now I show the pics

Hope you like it.
Best Regards
Pedro Aveleira


Minuteman 1775 75mm (update)

A new update on the progress of this figure. It's close the end, only the acessories left to paint, hands and metal parts (buttons, buckles).
Then it's ready to attatch to the terrain previous made.
The pics:

Best Regards


Sapper of Foot Grenadiers of the Guard 75mm Romeo Models


Just ended up this great figure!!! It was a real pleasure working on this one.
The base is homemade.
Fortunately the colours on the pics are exactly like the real ones.
This figure is FOR SALE, contact me by e-mail: pedro_aveleira@hotmail.com