General Bonaparte 1796-1797 75mm

Just finished this great figure by Alexandros Models. Base made by Ron Tamburrini.



Waffen SS MG42 Gunner Ardennes 1944 Young Miniatures (Update II)

It has been some time since my last post, but my hands have not been idle.
One of the figures that I have spent some time with is this great bust (my first bust) by Young Miniatures.
It's almost done. It just misses some touches and the helmet needs more work, among other things.


General Napoleon 1796-1797 75mm Alexandros Models


I recently acquired the new Alexandros Models figure: General Napoleon 1796-1797, 75mm. This figure depicts Napoleon during the italian campaing. In these years, Napoleon was already commander-in-chief and lead the french army in a series of battles, including Lodi and Arcole.

I started to work on the terrain, set in a beautifull custom base made by Ron Tamburrini:

Then, I started to work on Napoleon itself. So far, my major efforts were to achieve a satisfying painting of the face. Some base colors to cloth and hat were also applied, because I find easier to get the general feeling of the figure and how I would like the final figure to look.



Captain Hussar 75mm Pegaso Update


Here it is some more work I've been doing on this figure! 
It's almost done. Some work left though.