Piper Kenneth Mckay 75mm Romeo Models (Update I)

This post shows the current progress on the Piper. Tartan done, Head done... going to the famous English red jacket ;) For now just basecoated.




Comission Works for Collectors

From now on I'm accepting Comissions to paint figures for Collectors.

The figure goes along with a Wooden Base (of costumer choice).

The Costumer have the possibility to choose how he wants his figures painted, with respect for historical accuracy.

I only paint historical figures, in 54mm, 75mm, 90mm, 120mm scale, Busts, using High Quality
Acrylics (Vallejo and Andrea mainly) and Brushes(Winsor & Newton).

The work includes the terrain where the figure is placed, as you can see on the several works on my blog. Again costumer preferences are accepted.

Depends on the figure complexity. Ask me and we can come to an agreement.

The Shipping is paid by the Costumer.

Once the figures are completed the costumer must proceed to the payment of the amount left, only after that the complete figure will be shipped to the new home.

Paypal and Bank Transfer are accepted. The currency of the payment must be Euros.

To contact me: pedro_aveleira@hotmail.com


Piper Kenneth Mckay 75mm Romeo Models


For start I have to say that this figure is something else...really...the best I have seen...
The sculpt is fantastic, the joints are very well hided, and no major clean, very quick kit to assemble.

The Face is completed.


Now, just a short after I completed the head. So, I post it in this thread.


Hope to post more progress soon enough...