Roaming Knight XV 75mm Pegaso (Update VI)


I spent part of this day working again on this figure... I focused on painting the cape. So right now it's almost done... maybe I'll do some lines of the stitching.
It's highly worned out and weathered just like I first imagined it... hope you like it!




Piper Kenneth Mckay 75mm Romeo Models Completed

So here it is the completed work on this amazing piece...
I kept the ground pretty simple but maybe I end up putting something more there... Nonetheless I think that few things around the figure leave no room to look other than the figure, which is the main objective...
If you have any questions, or maybe you want a commission work of the same figure e-mail me: pedro_aveleira@hotmail.com


Piper Kenneth Mckay 75mm Romeo (update IV)

Today I show the piece in his final stages of work... The figure it's almost done... just parts of the bagpipe need work... and maybe a touches here and there....
Already began the ground work, which is to become something familiar with Waterloo. With the front stumped grass I want to represent the battle environment, but maybe I use more elements to give more that idea.



Piper Kenneth Mckay 75mm Romeo Models (Update III)

I'm posting new pictures of the current progress on this figure... It's almost done...I would say 70% done.
Some major things yet to be done, as well as some details... but it general it can be seen how it's gonna feel in the end.


Piper Kenneth Mckay 75mm Romeo Models (Update II)

Hi there,

just an update of the current work. Jacket, sporran, canteen and haversack painted.
Next I will head for the straps and little white things all over the jacket.