Roaming Knight XV 75mm Pegaso (Update V)


Right now the figure is almost done... just some pieces left for fix and paint. The bigger part now is the Cape...already in place and waiting for me to have some time to paint it. Of course the terrain will be the last thing... Depending on the it some other wheathering and dusting might be done in the figure. Some metals maybe be later on reworked... there are some final things that need to be arranged... Anyway to the pics:

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Roaming Knight XV 75mm Pegaso (halfway review)

So, this is where I am right now with this fantastic piece. It's the first time I join the two parts together since started the painting. It all looks very nice, and I am very happy with the result.

Let's go to the pic:



Roaming Knight XV 75mm Pegaso (Update III)

A little update on some work I've done around the horse's hair...



Roaming Knight XV 75mm Pegaso (Update II)


I bring now a new set of pictures of the progress on the horse. Behind the obvious, I need to paint the horse hair (just base on pics) and the things that I don't know the name that are all over the horse, have 2 colours I painted just to choose which one to go with... I think I will go with the red.
I particularly like the result of the saddle, pretty happy how it turned out.
I used a rather unprecised method...a very randomly way to paint. Looks like Diego Ruina does some of his painting, besides that it has a real look of worned out material and dirty. I used lot's of washes, different colours: orange, prussian blue, violet, light ocre, several browns; when not washed also with much wate,r randomly spread around, tapping with the brush... an old one. I think that the tecnic is called pointilism...or something like that.

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Spanish Noble XVII 75mm Romeo (Update II)

This piece is comin' along, and now I leave some of the latest work pictures.
The cape is only dryfit with base colours, just to see the general feeling of the piece with the colour scheme adopted.
The leathers are also just based as well as the waist scarfe.



Roaming Knight XV 75mm Pegaso (Update I)

I have already started to paint this piece. I'm going real slowly, carefully... It's my first horse, and it's in a big scale, so I have to go with caution.
I'm going with acrylic paints... despite much people prefer oils on this ones.... I never painted with oils, so I'm not confortable with that either.

So far I'm enjoying how it is turning out...

Just work on the browns.... some highlights. the blacks are pure, just basing.
The dark brown is base.



Roaming Knight XV 75mm Pegaso


currently I have another figure on my workbench, and for me it's a new challenge, painting an horse, my first ever! Let's see how I manage to do it ;)

So the figure, as the title says, it's this great piece by Pegaso Models, Sculped by Andrea Jula, and box art painted by Diego Ruina.

Represents a Franco-Germanic Errant Knight that used to exist in central europe during the 14th and 15th centurys, that were marauders or mercenarys, often nobles or bastards, that in order to run from an ecclesiastic career, since were the last child with no heirloom disappear to become these dark characters. (Marco Giuliani notes)

So I'm eager to start this one and I have it ready:

Let's get started!!!



Spanish Noble 75mm Romeo Update I

A little update of the current work: trousers painted, cuirass almost done, and a yellow on shirt just to see how it looks...


Spanish Noble 75mm Romeo Models


Today I started painting this great figure sculped by Maurizio Bruno and boxart painted by Danillo Cartacci.

It depicts a XVII century spanish noble, and looking to the base, I would tell that he is in a tavern gambling and drinkin'...the result is that maybe someone cheated or the wine talked louder and there is some confusion.
That said I choosed to paint the face reddish like he was a little drunk and with a beard growned up, in order to give a sloppy feeling.

The pics

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Roman Aquilifer I A.D. 75mm Pegaso Completed


Here it is the full, completed figure!
So the Roman soldier is in Teutobur Forest, germany, where in the 1st century A.D. 3 legions were slaughtered by united germany tribes under the leadership of Arminius, a native educated in Roman ways that didn't turnes his back to his origins.
Even today there is a 19th century monument in the top of an hill in the place with a huge statue of Arminius.

All done in acrylics, base from olive tree wood homemade, the tree was scrathe done by me.
This piece is for sale worlwide, or I can do some comission work with costumer preferences; the price is at a post above. My e-mail: pedro_aveleira@hotmail.com

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Roman Aquilifer I A.D. Pegaso 75mm


this is my current work... the figure is by pegaso models, 75mm scale, unnecessary saying that is an excellent figure. Yes, it my look simple, but is has some challenges. The first one was in the assembly process... It has to be very well though, in order to avoid glue pieces that will difficult the painting in some areas... I needed to make something I don't like very much: assembly key parts in the middle of the pain work. Despite that I am enjoying the figure.
It is the quickest figure I've done to this time, mostly because has large surfaces and once you start, easily cover a lot of the figure.
To the complete end I've still to paint all the leathers of the guy, shoes, purse, belts, the hand with the eagle staff, and part of the shield. The groundwork is also missing some paint in certain areas.


General view of the piece

Detail of the figure

Note: The idea is to represent the Teutoburg Forest, in Germany. Some things of the groundwork may not be exactly as they are in there but well, is a kind of tribute to the people who died there, both romans and germanic tribesman.

Thanks for looking, come again ;)



Standardbearer Of Charles D'anjou 75mm Pegaso


Behold the completed work of this great figure. I enjoyed very much to paint it! Really really nice figure!! Totally worth the money, and maybe more ahahah. I decided to do the painting equal to the art box cause is just amazing, and I'm very proud of the result.... despite I'm not even close to Danillo Cartacci... There were some new challenges in the painting process but I think I dealt with them well enough: the heraldry (banner, chest, shield), the helmet scarf diamond pattern...

So the figure represent, as the name says, the standarbearer of Charles of Anjou or Charles I of Naples (21 March 1226 – 7 January 1285). This fellow conquested Sicily, as well as had claims upon the kingdom of Jerusalem and participated in the Eight Crusade, along side with other conflicts....so I guess he knew what a good fight was.
He was the youngest son of Louis VIII King of France between 5 September 1187 – 8 November 1226, and Blanche of Castille.
He was the last guy in the line to the throne... Hey, why not conquest one!?!

I sell this figure or can make another by comission with costumer preferences all around, worlwide. The price it's on a post above. Contact by email: pedro_aveleira@hotmail.com.

To the pictures of the work:

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