Roman Aquilifer I A.D. 75mm Pegaso Completed


Here it is the full, completed figure!
So the Roman soldier is in Teutobur Forest, germany, where in the 1st century A.D. 3 legions were slaughtered by united germany tribes under the leadership of Arminius, a native educated in Roman ways that didn't turnes his back to his origins.
Even today there is a 19th century monument in the top of an hill in the place with a huge statue of Arminius.

All done in acrylics, base from olive tree wood homemade, the tree was scrathe done by me.
This piece is for sale worlwide, or I can do some comission work with costumer preferences; the price is at a post above. My e-mail: pedro_aveleira@hotmail.com

Glad you stopped by, hope you liked it! Come again :)


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