Standardbearer Of Charles D'anjou 75mm Pegaso


Behold the completed work of this great figure. I enjoyed very much to paint it! Really really nice figure!! Totally worth the money, and maybe more ahahah. I decided to do the painting equal to the art box cause is just amazing, and I'm very proud of the result.... despite I'm not even close to Danillo Cartacci... There were some new challenges in the painting process but I think I dealt with them well enough: the heraldry (banner, chest, shield), the helmet scarf diamond pattern...

So the figure represent, as the name says, the standarbearer of Charles of Anjou or Charles I of Naples (21 March 1226 – 7 January 1285). This fellow conquested Sicily, as well as had claims upon the kingdom of Jerusalem and participated in the Eight Crusade, along side with other conflicts....so I guess he knew what a good fight was.
He was the youngest son of Louis VIII King of France between 5 September 1187 – 8 November 1226, and Blanche of Castille.
He was the last guy in the line to the throne... Hey, why not conquest one!?!

I sell this figure or can make another by comission with costumer preferences all around, worlwide. The price it's on a post above. Contact by email: pedro_aveleira@hotmail.com.

To the pictures of the work:

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