Roman Aquilifer I A.D. Pegaso 75mm


this is my current work... the figure is by pegaso models, 75mm scale, unnecessary saying that is an excellent figure. Yes, it my look simple, but is has some challenges. The first one was in the assembly process... It has to be very well though, in order to avoid glue pieces that will difficult the painting in some areas... I needed to make something I don't like very much: assembly key parts in the middle of the pain work. Despite that I am enjoying the figure.
It is the quickest figure I've done to this time, mostly because has large surfaces and once you start, easily cover a lot of the figure.
To the complete end I've still to paint all the leathers of the guy, shoes, purse, belts, the hand with the eagle staff, and part of the shield. The groundwork is also missing some paint in certain areas.


General view of the piece

Detail of the figure

Note: The idea is to represent the Teutoburg Forest, in Germany. Some things of the groundwork may not be exactly as they are in there but well, is a kind of tribute to the people who died there, both romans and germanic tribesman.

Thanks for looking, come again ;)


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