Roaming Knight XV 75mm Pegaso (Update II)


I bring now a new set of pictures of the progress on the horse. Behind the obvious, I need to paint the horse hair (just base on pics) and the things that I don't know the name that are all over the horse, have 2 colours I painted just to choose which one to go with... I think I will go with the red.
I particularly like the result of the saddle, pretty happy how it turned out.
I used a rather unprecised method...a very randomly way to paint. Looks like Diego Ruina does some of his painting, besides that it has a real look of worned out material and dirty. I used lot's of washes, different colours: orange, prussian blue, violet, light ocre, several browns; when not washed also with much wate,r randomly spread around, tapping with the brush... an old one. I think that the tecnic is called pointilism...or something like that.

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  1. helo
    Dark brown is the base OK what is this brown?
    Before painting the base, what is the first color (primer coat) horse
    thank you