Standardbearer of Charles d'Anjou 75mm Pegaso Models

This is my new parallel work, since I'm not finished with other figure. It is quite beautifull. I love all the subjects regarding Middle Age, so anything from this period is quite welcome to my bench.
It's a little tricky in assembly, because I found out that pinning the main pieces (legs and torso) of the body is very very needed. It's a lot of weight to be only fix by superglue and epoxy, so a little strong fixing is required.
Also, the assembly of the main parts (including cape) must be done before the painting process which will give little room to work in some areas, but you can't have everything.... Cause if only glued some parts after painting woud have to deal with some visible joints...specially in the cape.

The figure totally assemblied, with some parts only dryfixed:

Is really heavy and tall with standard. It will be a joy to paint, lot's of details and folds.
From here I primed it and took pictures with the light coming from where I wanted so I'll be able to see the highlights and shadows when painting.

So I'm ready, willing and able to start to aplly some painting to this beauty.

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