Officer of the Guide 75mm Pegaso


After some time without posting anything I bring now a nice figure from Pegaso Models. The figure is very well sculpted, great pose, nice set up. The only low point is that isn't really 75mm but 70mm from foot to eye... which compared to Maurizio Bruno figures looks small... But despite that I recommend it!
To the pics:

The base is homemade and because of a flaw on the wood a little knock on it and breaked beautifully allowing me to do this terrain. The figure includes the ancient Egypt column I just extended it down.
It's already painted.
The trousers are painted or almost done (and yes they are glossy, I have to make them matt). The face is also complete without the possibility of being aim of my attention later on. The air is something that I'm not satisfied...some more work needed.
Hope you like it!
More pics:


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