23rd Welsh Fusilier AWI 75mm


Just finished this nice piece, sculpted by Carl Reid for The Artist Preservation Group.
It's a very nice figure, fun to paint, almost any cleaning was required. Just had to make the musket strap with aluminium sheet.

Took the liberty of painting the backpack in light brown with some white spots, since the figure has enough whites, despite the real ones were made of white cow hair (based on the pics I researched and sheet information that came with the figure).
Also about the whites in the different cloting and equipment: I tried to give it all some small tone variation so they won't look all alike, which in my opinion make the figure more rich and less dull. Also mixed in some browns for the dirtier feel.

I tried a new aproach to the red: tried to give a more worn out look, so the highlights are in a rose tone. I think it worked out well.

This figure is available for sale, please contact me by e-mail: pedro_aveleira@hotmail.com .

To the pics:


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